Easier mapping like Ableton and FL Studio (just in a second) Cubase is really Confusing

I noticed, in Cubase is a really confusing to map knobs, and mostly if this knob comes from a synthesizer … its easier to mess up everything as I did:


in DAWs as Ableton live and FL Studio, this task is so easy, you can have all mapped in seconds

in Ableton are 3 easy steps…

1 - click on blue MIDI button at the right top
2 - click on the the control/knob you want to map of your synth or plugin or daw
3 - move a knob from your MIDI controller or your external synth used as MIDI controller, and its done

In FL also 3 steps faster too

1 - one click in a button (for this task) placed on toolbar similar to the one in Ableton live
2 - move with the mouse the control or knob you want to map
3 - finally you go back to the button on tool bar, right click / then click on link to controllers / and finally move the knob of your synth or MIDI controller and its done

This 2 DAWs in my opinion have the best mapping way in a really faster way, and this never interferes with your workflow

is nice to have all the info displayed in some place (as cubase do) BUT this could be secondary… as Ableton and FL Studio do… you can see mapping info if you want, but isn’t necessary for make the mapping work instantly…

What are your opinions?