Easier method of changing the note pitch?

Hello. In Dorico 3, I wish that there was an easier way of going about changing the note pitch instead of creating these symbols and then setting them to certain sharp/flat amounts. In addition to this, I wish that you can simply click on the note and type in a value like “7656/12000” or “7/42” (depending on the pitch resolution). Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, ilikespinningplates. I agree that we need to provide better functionality for accessing accidentals in non-standard tonality systems, and this is on our wish list for future versions.

Here is an idea: Simply click on one or more notes and then on a sidebar you can type in the pitch value like 3/70 or 109/99 for example depending on the pitch resolution. When you do this, you can choose the symbol that you want to be displayed next to the note. Keep in mind that I am not against the original method that people are using right now I just find that this would be a great addition to Dorico. Furthermore, since the resolution of pitch ends at 9999 divisions per 2 semitones the sharp/flat pitch setter should not end at 9999. That is too low and because of that I have to set my pitch resolution much lower. How long do you think this will take to be implemented?

I am essentially trying to create music in adaptive just intonation and this is when all of the intervals are pure (like 4/3) versus logarithmic (like the square root of 2 or simply put: the tritone) and all of the notes have to make sense with one another so I am not concerned with the individual notes I play but instead on the relationships between those notes which are called intervals. When I do this, my songs tend to have over 100 notes in them especially when I stack intervals that I like like 3/2 or 4/3. When I stack 3/2 upon itself it produces the following notes: 1/1, 3/2, 9/4, 27/8, 81/16… As seen, I very much want this update because of these reasons and doing this would make it much more easy for me to do this.