Easier/quicker copy-paste plugin in the inspector (right click context menu in Inspector>Insert Slot)

Hi, something else to add to the right-click on insert context menu.

Instead of having to add the plugin first, hit two birds one stone.

-right click
-paste plugin

both adds the plugin and applies the same setting.

it would be nice to have an extra option, but then again I am not sure I would not like too much clutter with too many options when right-clicking.

if you, like me, have a separate monitor for the mixer it is very easy to use the shortcut “ALT+left click” and drag’n drop. That is a very quick way to handle adding the same plugin over and over

One more option, to make two options total, imo, isn’t a lot of options.

My second monitor is used for many other things, so that would a lot of the time, require an extra step to change workspaces.

Drag and drop is much more faster. (S1 can do this since the beginning.)

you didnt watch the gif

how do you drag and drop from one channel into another via inespector?


And I beg to differ, I could see right clicking being just as quick if not quicker. first of all you can use one hand, secondly, it doesn’t require a keyboard modifier press, you don’t have to hold and then release mouse click.