Easier Step Entry with Midi Keyboard and Qwerty Keyboard Together

Using Cubase 12 Pro on Windows 10 Pro
Launchkey Mini

I tried asking on the Cubase reddit, but have not received a response. I have music in my head, and I know what the notes would look like on a score. Trying to mouse the notes in is tedious. I’m not accomplished enough as a keyboardist to just play the notes in my head. I have to fumble around.

If this comes across as a lazy thing, and that maybe I should just practice, let’s turn this on its ear by considering it as a methodology useful for composers with disabilities. That said, I am not disabled. I’ve just been too busy to compose and practice for thirty years since I’m not a professional musician, and I’m getting frustrated that there isn’t a simpler way. It just occurs to me that this could really help a segment of future composers who may actually be disabled as well as struggling non-professionals who have music inside but can’t figure out how to express it.

I have tried step-wise entry, and find myself a little frustrated. I’m pushing keys and the notes are advancing. More often than not, I fumble the notes, and I end up trying to undo, or insert, or mouse the notes into the right position on the score. It’s super tedious and agonizing.

I want a better step-wise interface. It’s possible something like this already exists within the cubase software, or it’s something I can curate within my midi settings… If there isn’t… Why not?

I want to be in step-wise entry, but not have the notes entered until I press a corresponding key on my qwerty keyboard. For instance, play a chord on the launchkey mini, or fumble around until it’s the right chord or note, and when I have the right notes, I press the “1” key for a whole note, “2” for half notes, “3” maybe toggle for triplets?, 4 for quarter notes, “8” for eighth notes, etc. The period key could be a toggle for dotted notes. Space bar for rests? Another key could be for sustain pedal or notes sung in the same breath. It might even be nice to assign those qwerty functions of this methodology to the pads on the launchkey.

[Edit] Honestly there’s probably an ideal qwerty kb setup that’s better than this. It would require a little user-interface r&d, but it might be worth it. Similarly with the best pad layout on a launchkey. [/Edit]

I want to see on screen which things are in what toggle state (like dotted notes, sustain, triplet, breath etc.) I want to be able to fumble around on the launchkey until I find the next note combination I need, hold those notes down, then press the duration I need for that combination of notes, release all keys and advance to the next step. I can deal with key velocities, etc. after.

Does something like this exist? If it does, where do I find a link to the video tutorial on how to use it?

Thanks in advance,



This kind of input doesn’t exist in Cubase.

Add the feature-request tag, please.

Thanks Martin!