Easiest trick to make tied notes individually selectable in write mode

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 13.41.28
If this has been said already I’ll remove this topic, but I found a very simple way to create tied notes that are individually selectable in write mode (which is sometimes very convenient, for example if you want to have a tied tremolo note to a non-tremolo note, or if you want to add other things like fingerings or articulations to tied-into notes.) It’s more convenient than the trick with multiple voices. It goes like this:

  1. create 2 (or more) notes you want to tie together separately.
  2. Select the first note and halve it’s value by pressing cmd-alt-shift-left arrow.
  3. Tie them together by pressing letter ‘t’ (that’s still possible if there is a rest in between, but they won’t become one thing in the underlying data)
  4. Double the length of the first note with cmd-alt-shift-right arrow. Done.
  5. Select the second note by pressing right arrow and enjoy.