Easiest way to correct small phase issues between L and R in a stereo track in Cubase

I have a stereo recording of OH in Cubase and I can hear the snare is a bit weak sounding so I think there is some phase issue between the two mics. How can I experiment with some delay settings on one of the channels to see if I can improve phase coherency in the stereo track in Cubase? Essentially I need a quick and easy way to add a few miliseconds of delay to just one channel. The track itself has a delay slider in the track inspector but this obviously applies to both channels.


For experimentation: Duplicate the track. Put one on full left, the other on full right and delay it.

Waves InPhase should work perfectly for this.

Duplicate the track? Is this the best you can suggest to me? Does Cubase not have any other tools for something this common?

Yes but Cubase should also work perfectly for this. There must be a simple solution .This is like grade 1 of mixing music.