Easiest way to include sound patch from hardware in project?

Hey !

I have some hardware synths that I hardly ever use no more due to the absence of good integration with software, especially the lack of patch handling (ie. loading a project should automatically load the right patches). I mostly configure the sounds directly on the hardware and then save it onboard. Now, I’m trying to figure out a simple way to save/include these selfmade patches to Cubase-projects for instant recall. Sure, I can do it the old way and write down the patch number for each channel, but it is a pita to do it for 8 channels everytime I open up a project. Also a big risk of losing patches…

I’m testing this with a Nord Lead 3, for which some good soul made a Device Panel. Only problem is that I don’t seem to be able to recall/load things using the Device Panels. I really like the idea of having automation instead of CC’s. So that is good.

But is there some way to use a Device Panel, or any other way, to save patches within a project?

This would be great for gigs, where you have to borrow hardware and therefor don’t have your patches.

You could use a MIDI transmission of a program (most MIDI synthesizers can do this).

E.g. Record MIDI SysEx for each hardware synthesizer on each of their MIDI tracks, and then when you play the tracks back, the programs is sent out to them again. If they are all on separate MIDI ports then you can do it simultaneously.