Easiest way to mix on cubase?

I have some songs of a band I’m producing, and I have the problema that, when everything is mixed on one project, I can’t find an easy way to import that settings to the other projects.

I’ve read and people doesn’t seem to agree. Some say using import tracks option from the menu, some using load mix settings, others to export ALL the tracks and import them into a template…

I’m in love with Cubase, but still haven’t found a proper way to do this, which I think is BASIC.

What’s the best way to mix various projects in cubase?

Are you asking to import setting to other existing projects?
If yes… I can’t assist with this because I have never done it. So hopefully others will chime in. :wink:

But, if you are asking how to start new projects that are set up similar to one that you already mixed and are happy with then, in my opinion, creating a template from that project might be the way to go.

To do this you are going to save the finished project as a template (File>Save As Template). Now you have a template saved exactly like that project with all tracks, effects, and routing. Also, all of the data previously recorded. So you will need to “clean up” the template by going into each track to delete recordings, automation, gain, pan settings, etc. Re-save that version as a template (overwrite the one you previously saved). Basically you want to end up with a template that is an empty project but has everything else set as you typically want.

Then when you start a new recording session you start the project (created in it’s own new folder) using that template. Typically I will name and save the newly opened project (in the previously created folder) immediately after creating it.

I have approximately (6) different templates created as I mentioned above. In general they cover most of the types of recordings I do. If not, I start with one that is the closest to what I think the project needs then when I am finished recording/mixing I’ll create another template from that finished project.

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One way: Create a template from the song you have mixed as Prock stated. Then open one of your other tunes, batch export all of the tracks. Then open your new template and import the audio.

I believe that is the only way you will be able to keep all FX, Groups, and Sends. You could save and pull up track settings but that won’t create the FX channels or Group channels.

Page 313 of the operation manual. Save/Load Selected Channels.
In the MixConsole top right corner there’s Functions Menu/Downward Arrow. Click on it. I never use it and I’m not sure which channels can be saved but I think this is the closest thing to what you’re asking for.

I think Jimmy has the best suggestion.

Save/load selected channels should work with everything except instrument tracks. If you highlight an instrument track the save/load option won’t appear. I guess you call that an unfinished feature.

The main reason I don’t use save/load selected very much is that this feature forces you to load the same number of tracks you saved. i.e. if you saved 20 tracks previously, but now have highlighted 19 tracks to load selected, it won’t work.

And again, Save/Load selected channels would work if each of the other songs already had FX Channels and Group Channels (if used). I am only guessing but if the mixed track he is happy with have these other tracks, it may be tough to use the Save/Load approach.

Though it may also be possible to do nothing more than add the missing (FX/Group) channels to the other projects (blank without loading anything in them) to match the one that the mix happened on, save it, then go back to the mixed one and save ‘ALL’ channels, then open the others and ‘Load’ all tracks. It all depends on how consistent the setup of track recording was.

It is tough to tell without being there. If the OP is anything like I was when I started out, every track may be out of order between projects and complete chaos. This may be a lesson that I luckily learned quite some time ago.

Templates, consistency of project layout, and folder management are very important to keeping your sanity…

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Here’s what Save/Load Selected channels will and won’t do. After testing the function.

It will save/load all settings only on all tracks including instruments outputs but not on instrument tracks. That includes, inserts, EQ, strips, fader levels… Cubase will create a .vmx file (Mac) which can be organized in a folder.

Channels have to match the .vmx file to load. Name your files accordingly. This function was designed for matching
a mix…