Easiest way to silence a short section in an audio track?

Hi guys/gals, what is the best way for silencing small portions of an audio track? E.g. to eliminate a mic bump between verses etc.

The best I could come up with is either a volume automation track which seems cumbersome (or maybe I’m doing it wrong) or splitting the track and trimming away the unwanted section, which is also pretty laborious.

Is there a faster way to accomplish this? I saw a thread with a request for a ‘silence’ option in the audio editor, but until that is implemented (if ever), any help would be appreciated!

Hi Pitchy,

Thanks for your message.
The feature request is included in our backlog.

As of yet, the fastest way is to split events in the arranger section and delete unwanted parts via the erase function.
If you want to combine splitted events to one audio event afterwards, please use the freeze function to permanently glue them together to a new track.

Hope that helps.


That’s great news! Thanks for the response, great to see Steinberg so active on these forums.