Easily control banks and programs select fonctions

I’m using Cubase 7.5 for a long time ago to control with midi my hardware synths, some are old don’t have a good midi implementation.
Some of those synths have a lot of presets so to select I use the banks and programs select to choose one.

But I find annoying to click on the smalls arrows up and down to make my selection, I would like to map those fonction on a midi controller button, but I don’t find any way to do that.
I don’t want to use the midi cc0, cc32… because on older synth it doesn’t works, only the banks and programs select in the midi track are working fine.
So how can I map banks and programs select to a midi controller ?

MIDI Device Manager?

Yes perhaps, but I don’t use MIDI Device Manager a lot in Cubase, I have to read the manual to find howto use the advanced fonctions. :blush:

If it’s easy to explain how to map the “the banks and programs select” fonction on my keyboard controller or on my CC121 or my Mackie MCU with MIDI Device Manager, you would give the trick :wink: