Easily rebindable hotkey?

Is there a way to have a hotkey that’s easily rebindable on the fly so that, for example, when I have to put in a whole bunch of the same playing techniques, I can quickly get it to bind to the pizz. option or one of the arpeggiation options? Either that or any way to enable it so that I can just apply these things to more than one entity at a time?

The quickest way within Dorico is probably to set the caret (or click a note), go Script > Record Macro, then input one pizz or one arpeggio. Then go Script > End Recording (or whatever it’s called - I’m away from Dorico right now). Set a shortcut for Run Last Macro and then use that shortcut.

For longer term use I prefer KeyboardMaestro (mac) or AutoHotKey (Windows). Similar functionality exists within StreamDeck and Metagrid, if you happen to be running a StreamDeck device or the iOS StreamDeck or Metagrid apps.

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Thanks so much for this. I’ve set up an AutoHotKey script for the ‘Run last script’ shortcut so that I can trigger the macro with an extra mouse button. Do you know if there’s a way to keep macros saved at all? Whenever I record one it’s automatically named ‘usermacro’ and added to the ‘Script’ drop down menu, and if I record a second one it replaces that one. Is there any way to have it add more drop down menu options and not override the old macro so that I don’t even have to faff about re-recording macros?

Locate the existing macro on your hard drive, from an Explorer window. I believe it’s in -%AppData%\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5\Script plug-ins, but I’m not in front of a Windows computer right now. Rename the file whatever you like, but leave it in the same folder. Rinse and repeat each time you create a new macro. They should all appear automatically, with their new names, on the Script menu within Dorico.

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If the only purpose of your macro is to input a pizz playing technique, though, you might be better off doing that all from within AutoHotKey. All you need is a AutoHotKey macro that types Shift-P pizz Enter (you might need Enter twice; I can’t remember).

Ah, perfect, I’ve found the directory and been able to do exactly as you said.

It’s really for anything I tend to end up repeating a lot of the time in Dorico (playing techniques, consistent rescaling, aligning dynamics, etc), and this way I can switch relatively freely between different macros via the script menu.

Thank you so much for your help! This is all going to save me so much time going forward.