Easily Switch mono track and plugins to STEREO!

I was under the impression that some plugins use more cpu when passing a stereo signal compared to when passing a mono signal. If that’s not the case, I would just go with all stereo tracks.

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I didn’t know that a stereo track will work just fine with a mono source (and will record it as a mono WAV file). In that case, you’re right that going with all stereo tracks is the way to go and I just updated my recording template accordingly. Makes things such as using stereo plugins on mono sources so much easier - thank you for this post!

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When you add a mono file to the project Cubase creates mono config.track.
So if you receive tracks to mix, all mono tracks will have mono config. So you need to create steren tracks and move all of them.

OK, I understand the problem with something out of your control, thanks for explaining, but it is not a true statement to say mono tracks get a mono config. because that is user choice at the time of creation.

I create mono tracks with a stereo config all the time, so I can see why Steinberg don’t see the need for a solution because the starting point is to make sure that the mono tracks are created with a stereo config in the first place. To be honest, it seems it would be better if Steinberg deprecated the mono config. (as in reading them but not being able to create them in the future) but there may be some subtlety as to a circumstance where a mono config. is desirable that I don’t understand.

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Perhaps this would be a good topic for Greg Ondo to attempt to cover if any wish to ask.

I searched here, but don’t see any direct solutions to what the OP is asking.

Again, if a user wants a conversion from a stereo to mono, or mono to stereo with or without audio content in that track, it is achieved with a macro.

stereo to mono: Make sure your track is focused.

    1. Audio>find selected in pool*
    1. Media>convert files*
    1. enter*
    1. enter*

The first time you do this you need to set the convert files option to mono. But it stays that way for future use.

You need to enter a 2nd time to say OK to the warning that this operation can’t be undone. Also in Metagrid I have programmed a few .2 second pauses between commands, but I’m pretty sure you don’t really need that to make the macro work.

For myself at least, I get a bit confused when a user is referring to a stereo track meaning the GUI shows 2 stereo waveforms, but the waveforms are identical so some users actually refer to that as a mono track, (but it’s really stereo. :upside_down_face: )It’s always best to explain these things in detail.

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