East West as VST in Cubase 6?

I have a PC rig:

ASUS Rampage III Formula motherboard
Intel i7 quadcore
1616M soundcard by E-MU
Windows 7 64bit

I recently purchased the EastWest Complete Composers Collection and have installed the hard drive in my PC, though am having some problems getting it to work right in Cubase 6.

When I open up a new session in Cubase 6 and try to load EW as a VST under
Devices > VST Instruments > (nothing by East West is listed)

Does anyone know how I get Cubase 6 to recognize EW software as VST instruments? I went to
Devices > Plugin Information > VST 2.X Plu-in Paths > I see EAST WEST folder but cannot see a “play_vst_x64.dll”
I try to click on the folder that has a play_x64.exe file in it under a hidden folder called Program Data and then click OK and click UPDATE, but when I try to load the VST it still does not show on the VST instruments list.

Thanks for any help!