East West Play engine blacklisted

latest East West Play engine 5.00 is on the blacklist even though it is a 64bitplugin.
any thoughts?

It has been mentioned many times since the C9 release.

I’m confident a fix is on the way. I read that here.

In the meantime, you can still use it by reactivating. By coincidence, I recently purchased EW Hollywood Orchestra
Gold and have been assembling a very large template over the past few weeks. I have been using Play hundreds of times with it reactivated, and it has not messed up once on my system.

There is a update from East West avaible…

Update to 5.0.1

official East West only shows v.5.0.0a

Is that newer than what you have? Then it’s called differently I guess. If it’s not, then it should be coming soon.

I downloaded Play 5.0.0a and it shows up in the black list. It is a version created in November and appears to be identical to my version that I had installed.

I don’t know of any 5.0.1 at this moment.

I would expect a new version very soon. In the meantime, I don’t think there are any problems reactivating 5.0.0a

I installed C9 yesterday after installing play 5.0.1 first. Play was not blacklisted and seems to work fine for me.

Is this for Windows? Could you please post a link to Play 5.0.1? Apparently I’m not going to the right place because I just downloaded Play 5.0.0


Instal the “Installation Center” from east west and it gonna take care of your update !

Yes, that’s how I did it too.

I’m a newbie with EW.

I opened EW Installation center , reinstalled play software and it says “5.0.0 is available” and “5.0.0. is installed.” At the bottom of play it says “downloading 5.0.0a”

I then installed it again with no luck.

I refreshed product list with no luck.

EW Play version is IC Version 1.2.1-324 build 4-29-2016 Do I need to go to control panel and manually delete the EW Installation Center then re-install?

If I click on release notes in Play it doesn’t even show a 5.0.0. The latest shows 4.3.2.

My ilock is updated to 3.1.3

thanks for any suggestions!

Greggybud, I think you did everything correctly. EW seems to have removed 5.0.1. I don’t even see 5.0.0a like you did. I downloaded the 5.0.0 version and C9 black listed it. Note that you can reactivate a blacklisted plugin by selecting it in the blacklist then pressing the reactivate button. I did this and 5.0.0 still seems to work ok in C9.

I then replaced it with the 5.0.1 (which I had saved), re scanned my plugins and 5.0.1 was accepted. My guess is that there is something wrong with 5.0.1. For now, I suggest you reactivate your 5.0.0 and see if you run into any problems.

Please post back with any new info you come up with.

Thanks for the information.

As I mentioned prior, I have spent many hours…opening and closing many instances of Play 5.0.0 while building a large orchestral template. Play has worked perfect when reactivated.

FYI the only time “5.0.0a” shows up is when downloading 5.0.0 and it says “5.0.0 is available” and “5.0.0. is installed” While that is downloading, if you look to the bottom left of Play it says downloading 5.0.0a.

I’m sure an update will happen soon. Thanks again.

I sent the message of this issue to Eastwest Facebook page.
and I heard answer and I did it!

locate this hidden folder on windows
and delete that.

run C://ProgramData/EastWest/unins000.exe

re-install Play 6.0.5