East West Play not showing up as VST

EW Play is not showing up in the list of available VSTs in… Play mode in Dorico .
I got to the blacklist file and I don’t see anything there that says EW or Play.

Diagnostic Report attached
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (807.6 KB)
I have the Play app up and running, so presumably the EW install is OK.
No, I don’t have EW Opus. WHat else…?

You are on Apple Silicon and on that we don’t support VST2 plug-ins anymore.
If you still want to use them, you need to start Dorico in Rosetta mode.

Edit: Hang on, looks like there is a VST3 version of Play but that one is blacklisted with you because it is an intel binary. Try to start Dorico in Rosetta mode and see if it then turns up.

Yes! That’s where everybody was hiding! :slight_smile: Should I keep it in Rosetta as a general rule then?
I remember reading (and ignoring) a post about someone having trouble with something because they didn’t switch back!
I guess I’ll find out, but any general rule for when I would want to uncheck Rosetta?
Thanks Ulf!

The new East West Opus Player is Apple Silicon native.


I can’t remember such posting. I can only remember about a posting which gave reasons not to upgrade from Play to Opus, but also can’t recall the details. So please do some research in the forum yourself.

On Windows (not sure about Macs), Earlier versions of Opus, and even some releases of Play 6 had some issues with word builder for Concert and Hollywood choirs. It’s been several months ago, but once upon a time using Play 5 was the only way to get word builder working in Dorico (without third party hacks in-between).

It had something to do with Dorico not sending a signal that the word builder needed to know the transport is playing. Members of the Dorico team announced some corrections for that from both sides of the fence (In Dorico and over at EW).

I haven’t personally run tests in Dorico lately (present projects route through a Bidule instance to Play 6…as that was my fix to get it running well in Dorico…I used Bidule to ‘fake’ the signal required to get things working), but I ‘think’ a combination of fixes in both Dorico, and the latest versions of Opus VST3 should have those issues ironed out by now?

In short…if you don’t use the choirs with word builder…Opus should be good to go either way. Opus VST3 (with all the Native Apple Silicon goodness baked in) is worth a try even if you do use the word builder instruments.

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Thanks for your comment Brian.

It was actually me who fixed the Dorico side for Wordbuilder, so it would work with Play. Then I think people reported issues with Wordbuilder and Opus but that got fixed by EastWest in the meantime, if I remember correctly.

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