East West Play Sustain pedal


I know this one has been reported before, but just to check if there is any progress.

Basically, when recording midi with PLAY (latest version) and Cubase (Cubase 6.02, 6.03 and 6.04 checked) and even Nuendo, sustain pedad doesn’t work right. Some notes get stuck after releasing the sustain pedal.

I’ve checked Logic (latest version) and Protools (latest version) and they don’t show this behaviour at all.

Don’t relly know where the ball is on this one, if East West or Steinberg, but hope it gets cleared as it makes working with Pianos particulary impossible.




I have the same kind of problem here on Mac OS X and Cubase 5 ; sometimes (randomly) pedal CC64 at 127 value “does not work” (like it is not transmitted)…
I don’t know if it is a Steinberg issue or a East West issue, but I really hope they will work together to fix this :imp:

I’ve just found this same fault. I’m using Cubase 6 full edition and EWQL Play. Just googled and found it’s a known issue. I hope someone knows something about it… I rely on my sustain pedal to compensate for my slow hands, arms and brain…