East West Quantum Leap Choirs & Cubase 7.5.30

I have Cubase 7.5.3 and for the first time, I’m using my East West Choirs that I purchased/upgraded over 12 months ago.
Not sure whether to post this here or pursue with EWQLSC forums, but I know that Outsounder is an EW choirs expert.
Hopefully, Outsounder, you’ve not gone to Cubase 8 and are still looking in around here.

Okay, the problem for anyone who can help.
My EW choirs is the 4.1.6 version with Wordbuilder.
If I access Wordbuilder through Play and type in a phrase, it sometimes plays back out of tune. In Browser I load a multi - say tenors. In Wordbuilder I type in a phrase - plays okay. If I replace the tenors with altos and type in the phrase again, I am up to 4 semitones different (!?!?!)
My default “Voice” in the Voice box is boys and there is nowhere I can change it.

Now, if I go down the old route and load Playup, load tenors or altos and then have Wordbuilder as a midi insert, I can select my voices, load up the relevant multi, type in a phrase and it’s in tune. Seriously weird !!
So this is a partial solution, but any phrase I’ve written and saved with Play & Wordbuilder isn’t available with the midi inserted Wordbuilder and vice-versa.
Getting a bit frustrated at this point…
Hope I’ve made myself clear for any EWQLSC users out there… (it’s the white wine, it’s always the white wine !! :slight_smile: )