Eastwest and Cubase 6

i just switched from Pro Tools to Cubase.
Finally i m done the strange Instrument VST installation and i got everything running.
I mainly use Eastwest stuff where i now got 2 Problems:

  1. with the project got bigger (now 9 instances) from time to time the sounds is not stopping after pushing space for stopping the playback. one or 2 tracks keep on playing the last note … forever. i have to reload the programm or reload the sound in play … thats quite annoying … can anyone help?

  2. somehow the click is on time. it seems the click is always a bit before all tracks. thats tough to record a new track. i thought i might the sample, that has a lazy attack … but i checked that… thats not it. any hint?


ps: windows7 64Bit, Cubase 64Bit