EastWest Hollywood Percussion: How to map temple blocks?

I set up 1 player with 3 Temple Blocks in an instrument kit. Now I would like to configure Dorico to playback the proper sounds, a “natural” one and a “tremolo”. There was a time when I actually could get some playback, but it was totally messed up (seemingly Dorico’s understanding of C0, C1, C2… is not the same as EW understanding of C0, C1, C2…).

At the moment, though, I do not even get an output. (I included a flute, that one plays back fine.)

I enclose my little file - hopefully this helps showcasing my problem better than half a dozen of screenshots…

EW Perc in Dorico Test.dorico (2.6 MB)

In the EW Hollywood Percussion documentation, what pitches does it document as producing what sounds in the temple blocks patch?

Ok, I add screenshot:

This one shows the EW key definitions within OPUS player:

This is the percussion map:

Endpoint assignment:

And playing techniques added:

Does this help?

Does EW use the same octave numbers as are set in Dorico.
Does C3 = MIDI 60 or does C4 = MIDI 60 in EW?

EW: C3= MIDI 60 (I have to perc maps, one is “ONE OCTAVE HIGHER”), However, the problem is that the medium temple block won’t trigger any EW patches, no matter what I do. (And why is it that I cannot use my MIDI keyboard? Are there any restrictions when it comes to percussion maps?)



Here is a video of trying it out:

Note to the developers (@dspreadbury ): I should mention that performing copy/paste tasks in the percussion editor is extremely buggy. I keep having lots of crashes, esp. when copying sth from the lower ranges (like C1) and pasting it into a high-range slot (e.g. C4).

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can see what’s going on with the crashes.

@dspreadbury I feel like being cursed! Since almost 2 days I try to re-create the error I mentioned above, but I just can’t seem to do it, no matter how hard I try! Sorry! I will, of course, post, should that behaviour happen again.

As for defining the Percussion Template: it is working as well now, after many restarts. My suspicion is that I didn’t always hit all the confirmation buttons (like “Apply”).

I do encounter another hick-up, though, and that is the position of their note heads. I want the notes to be in between of the regular 5-lines of a system, but Dorico displays them on the lines instead, even though I didn’t choose “grid”.

What do I have to do to fix this?

Are you positive you didn’t choose grid (in Layout options > Players>Percussions, not in the percussion kit editor, which is where you set different options for the different views available)?

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@MarcLarcher Bull’s eye! Yes, that was it! I didn’t think of that! Amazing!!! Everything works now! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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