EastWest instrument windows resizing problem

If I open an EastWest Opus or Play instrument in Cubase and move it from my main monitor to my side monitor–which is a workflow I like to use–the window becomes huge and difficult to fix. If I move it back to my main monitor, the EW instrument window cuts off part of the instrument making it impossible to use seen in this screenshot. This does not happen using them in another DAW nor with a standalone version of the instruments. It seems specific to this instrument in Cubase. I also do not have issues moving windows of other kinds of applications back and forth on these monitors.

I have experimented with display settings including selecting “Override high DPI scaling behavior,” but nothing fixes this. Suggestions?

Windows 10, Cubase 13.0.12, Opus 1.4.4 or Play 6.1.9

For me it does it with Play but not with Opus

Curious. Thanks.