EastWest Opus issues in Cubase 12

Hi, wondering if anyone here may have seen this issue when using EastWest Opus VST3 in Cubase 12 Pro.

I enable an existing Opus track or add Opus to a new track, add an instrument, but the notes will not play. No audio signals appear in Opus or Cubase. It is getting the MIDI though (VST’s keyboard responds) and I see the sound is loaded in RAM. In order to get it to play I have to select “Reload selected instrument” in the Opus left panel. Then it plays immediately. Then if I save the project and reopen it the same problem exists, I have to “Reload selected instrument” again.

Opus works just fine in standalone mode. It also works fine in Ableton Live. What is causing this? Have you seen this before? Could it be that the Opus VST is buggy, or is it a Cubase issue with EastWest’s VST3? I can’t think of any Cubase setting that needs to be set, as all other sampler VST’s seem to work fine.

Yes I have that issue frequently, I contacted EW and they couldn’t help, I even half EW license issue inside Cubase

Sorry, but Opus works fine for me - on a Mac, Cubase 12 Pro, Ableton Live 11, Reason 12 and Logic 10.
Hope this helps to narrow the search.