EastWest Play 4 crashes Cubase 7 on closing


I have EWQLSO Platinum on my Cubase 7. I am delighted by the sound, no problem during its use. :mrgreen:

I cannot close a project that uses Play 4 without having to restart Cubase. There is always a severe crash and a dump file as “Cubase 64bit 2014.7.10 13.42.dmp”. :frowning:

The project itself is well saved, no loss of data. :sunglasses:

Any workaround is welcomed. Thanks

I’m on the latest Cubase version as of today (v.7.5.20) and do not have crashes after closing my projects, most of which rely heavily on several EWQL libraries (including Symphonic Orchestra Gold Plus - same as Platinum but with 16 bit files), as well as others from Kontakt, and Omnisphere. Can’t guarantee that upgrading will solve your problem, but that’s a possibility. However, the best thing for you to do would be to contact both Steinberg’s and EWQL’s tech support. Hopefully they can help you find the answer you seek.

Good luck!

Same here, PLAY 4 x64 working fine.


OK thank you, will do.

When I had Play on Win 7 and then Win 8.1 I had no crashed at all - recently I switched to Mac and also no crashes (always most recent updates of OS and DAW which sometimes can make trouble)

I upgraded to Cubase 7.5. Will see what happens.

HI Ryde, did you find a solution to your problem?
I’m having issues with Cubase crashing while loading EastWest Hollywood instruments. What did you do to resolve your problem?

Thanks Jeff