EASTWEST PLAY 4 has ISSUES in Cubase Pro 8

There is a problem with the Menu selection and Verb Selection in PLAY 4 this was a problem even before updating PLAY and the update of PLAY did not help.

EASTWEST PLAY works fine in Cubase 7.5 …Not in Cubase Pro 8

I will list problems as discovered

1: Menu selection,Settings and Verb Selection not accessible,
2: Modulation adding weird artifacts to peaks, take data off and its fine.Could be a problem with Word Builder
Uninstalled PLAY 4 and Installed older version PLAY 3.0.21 Work just fine

Take “Always On Top” off, it’s a known problem, hopefully fixed in the next update.

Unfortunately it won’t solve the problem for me :frowning:
When I take off “Always on top” for vst-plugins, the plugins are still on top (nothing can get in front of them) …

These issues only happen in projects startet with C8 (when I load older projects, I get access to “Menu”, “Midi Channel” and “Output” …

And these issues don’t come up with the standalone of play or in C7.5. So it looks like a C8-Problem.

Oh found it. You didn’t mean “Always on top” in the settings menu but directly on the plugin gui.

Now it works fine. Thank you ! ! ! :slight_smile:

yes, and you are right the AOT setting in the preferences does nothing, I hope they fix it in the next update.

Ach, doesn’t really matter as long as there is such a simple and easy “workaround” … :wink:

Happy New Year to all :slight_smile: