EastWest Play 5.0.2 blacklisted / crashing

Can’t get EastWest Play to work with Cubase 9.0.10.

  • 64bit VST2.4 gets blacklisted and cannot be reactivated
  • 64bit VST3 crashes Cubase when loaded (a serious error has occurred…)

Anyone having the same issue? Didn’t get Play 5.0.1 working either, though it was supposed to fix
the blacklisting issue.

Play is working for me - in Dorico and Cubase. Both without any problems. Sorry I can’t be of any help.

I got the same problem after renaming the Cubase 9 file in the AppData. My instrument tracks were unloading and instrument racks went completely missing. Now they are back, but now I have the same problems as you.

Did you manage to fix it?

I’m having the same issue, PLAY gets Blacklisted then it crashes Cubase when re-activated. Any fixes?

Please update to play 5.04. It was fixed with 5.02a as far as I remember.