EastWest Play it isn't being recognized in Cubase anymore (SOLVED)

The issue has been solved by following the instructions of the EastWest Customer Support:

_Download the latest version of PLAY here:


Then, please browse to the Program Data folder on your C: drive (not Program Files, you may need to choose “Show Hidden Files and Folders” under the ‘View’ tab in ‘Folder options’) and delete the entire East West folder located therein. If you own QL Spaces, please be sure not to delete the QL Spaces folder.

Also, check your VST plugins folder and the VST plugins folder for your DAW specifically and make sure you are not accidentally loading a previous version of PLAY. You can delete any PLAY VST .dll files you find.

Restart your PC and then reinstall PLAY from the update you downloaded earlier. If you can, open your DAW and have it scan for C:/Program Files/Vstplugins (or whatever folder you selected as your custom install folder). Then set-up your Libraries in the EW Installation Center (which you can get here - http://software.soundsonline.com/Products/IC/IC_1.2.13_Win.zip)

EW Installation Center

  1. Open the Installation Center and Login with your soundsonline.com account
  2. Hover over the library you want to add, and a gear should show up on the right-hand side
  3. Click the Gear and then choose ‘Locate Directory’
  4. Find/Select the Instruments folder inside the Main Library Folder, then click ‘Open’

    That library should then move itself into either your ‘Updates’ section, which you should then run, or into ’Installed Libraries’ which means it should be ready to use in Play.

    Then try loading up Play inside Cubase and it shouldn’t be blacklisted and all of the libraries should be found properly._

    Here the initial post:
    A catastrophe! I’m on a deadline…
    (I’m on Windows 8.1 btw…)
    I had issues with Play in Cubase (Elements). It sometimes dissapeared from a few instrument tracks when loading up a new project. Basically it looked like I never inserted it.
    And then upon reloading it (sometimes) the entire project crashed.

I then tried to “repair” Cubase but instead accidentally completely uninstalled it (with one click! No questions…weird…).
I reinstalled it and also reinstalled Play. I thought this might fix things. But now the play_VST_x64.dll file is not recognized as plugin by Cubase anymore and even blacklisted when rescanning the folder…
Also, when loading up a new project Cubase shows an error message. The plugin for the tracks where I used Play is not found. But it actually doesn’t even say that “The plugin Play has not been found” but rather “the plugin insert track name has not been found”. It seems to have forgotten that the plugin I was using is Play and instead thinks the plugin is called what ever the track name was… “women ah”, “horns legato” “earthquake drums” etc… Insane!

It kinda seems unsolvable. I’m not sure what I messed up… Maybe you have an idea… I also wrote to EastWest.
Greetings and thanks upfront.

And the Cubase thinks “Play” is called "what ever the name of the instrument track was - rather than “Play”