EASTWEST Play V5.02 working in Dorico

I downloaded the updated Eastwest Play VST V5.02 software earlier this morning and it worked 1st time, without problems in Dorico. (The install was fault free using the EW Installation Centre.)

When I go to the EWQL website Play 5.0.1 shows as the latest version. I wonder if the updates are available at different times depending on ??? I would love to try the latest version which is VST3 as I am am not anxious to go the work of getting VST2 plugins operational.

Some people were having issues with the update, so EW pulled it until they are resolved.

Yes, the EW website does show only the Play V 5.0.1 update. The V5.0.2 update showed up this morning (as did a bunch of huge piano files to download) in the Installation Centre. 70-ish Gb !

I’m one of the beta testers – the big news is that Play is now VST3 (as well as VST2), so it can work with Dorico without complex workarounds.

There was an issue with the latest beta version, it didn’t respond to expression and mod wheel (major issue since that controls dynamics / vibrato / expression for a lot of Play instruments), so they pulled it back.

Back up and working beautifully. Huzzah!