EastWest Solo Violin MIDI Note Channel Number

I am running Cubase 6.0.7, and I have an instance of East West Play 3.0.40 loaded with Solo Violin (Play_VST_x64). Two instuments are loaded into the instance on MIDI channel 1 and MIDI channel 2. I have different articulations each on its own midi channel.

However Cubase wants to send all notes on the midi track only to the same channel listed as selected on the track in the inspector, and ignore the channel number on each note. I’ve have different channels on each individual note in the List editor, but Cubase appears to ignore the MIDI channel number in the note message.

I don’t know any other way to change the articulations note per note, but am willing to try other options if you can suggest something else. Should I have the score spread across multiple tracks and only enter notes of a given articulation in one or the other? That seems unrealistic.

Thank you

Problem solved. On p.101 of the Operations Manual we have “If you set the track to MIDI channel “Any”, each MIDI event on the track will be sent out on the channel stored in the event itself.” I would add that setting the track a particular MIDI channel all events willbe sent on that same channell and the channel on the MIDI event will be ignored.