Easy Cubase routing question

I’m coming from Pro Tools and just need to know an easy concept.

How do you “print”(record wave files in Cubase) from VST outputs.

I have midi tracks being sent to VE Pro(hosting samples) then the audio from the samples get sent to a folder called “VST Connections”. These look like instrument tracks but I can’t record audio from them(no record button). But what I really want to do is bus the audio from the track inside of the “VST Connections” folder and print it to an audio track. But I can’t seem to do this with out creating a group track which I’d rather not do.

Cubase might handle this in a way I never thought of, but in Pro Tools you just bus the audio from an instrument track to an audio track and record(print) on the audio track what is playing from the instrument track.


2 methods:

  1. You can route the VST track to a groupchannel and the groupchannel to an audio track.
  2. Full Cubase has Batch export, enable it in the export window and choose the track you want to render.
    check import to the pool and project and it will appear instantly on the project page as audiotrack.

Option 2 is the fastest offcourse.

Greetz Dylan.

#2 is absolutely awesome sir dancelot. Thank you so much.

Your welcome.

greetz Dylan.