Easy love is everywhere

Song with some Indian influence (maybe) :slight_smile:

If you take the time to listen…I thank you. :slight_smile:



Kevin :slight_smile:

Well, this ones quite creative and different… like it - the Indian/sitar vibe is cool :slight_smile: Like the vocal FX. I was initially a bit puzzled by the snare though… sounded very wide - interesting effect you’ve going on that’s for sure.

Good track.

Thank you Mr sherz :slight_smile: :slight_smile: something stirred deep inside when you mentioned the ‘‘Kevin sound’’ in a recent post so went off to make something sound ‘‘not Kevin’’ , your comment steered me away from the ‘‘Kevin sound’’ …a very good thing too , I thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
it’s all too easy when your a one man band such as myself, to fall into a rut…having said all that I think my next song (almost finished) is back in the same rut… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

cheers Ian…hope your well, Kevin

Don’t worry… I’ve been refining the “Ian Sound” for years. I rarely deviate too far off track :wink:


well done Kevin your mix`s are getting more consistant ,thats a nice pic :sunglasses:

Sounds good, Kevin!

Nice strings, and the sitar adds a nice touch! :sunglasses:


Hey Kevin I like how you’re experimenting with different stylistic variations in your sound there. Are those Jamstix drum samples?

Yeah, was looking to make a sort of ‘‘tabla indian type loop’’ and got lucky with Jamstix…
working on another song with some indian feel…I must be in my ‘‘indian period’’ :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, I seem to have forgotten to comment on this one. I’d say, yes, keep branching out, another great effort; wish Jonathan were around to comment on the orchestration, but to my ears, wonderful.

thanks for listening…best, Kevin

Nice track, but a very quiet mix (which I’ve noticed on a few of your tracks)
Liked it.

Thanks Neil, haven’t really got the hang of mastering and not sure about joining the loudness wars… :slight_smile:
whatever I do seems to make things worse so left it as is… :confused:

appreciate you taking the time to comment…

Kevin :slight_smile:

I noticed it in the vocal wav files that you dropped me off (not forgotten them!). Had to normalise every one.
I tend to normalise everything to about -1db before I start mixing a track in audio.
The other thing I’ve started doing now is creating a group track as a “dummy” stereo out and outputting all other tracks/groups to it. In the 8th insert slot of this, I put a limiter.
Keeps it away from stereo out and then when you create your finished track, the exported file is to the real stereo out, thus bypassing the limiter.
Just my method of working.
anyway, liked the music.

Hi Neil ,i dont understand what you are doing . ....if i was A/Bing between my track and a reference track i could see the benefit in the “dummy out” cause you could leave the limiter switched on while matching up to the reference track which is directed at the stereo out bypassing the limiter… i don`t understand what you are doing though , please tell Neil .

Yes, sorry - I didn’t explain that very well.
When I did my last track (Pick Me Up again) I had a selection of effects in the stereo out inserts rack. This was because at a few places in the track I swept the filters (Vengeance PhiltaXL) across the whole of the project tracks (and autopanned & a few other things). But as I was exporting the instrument tracks etc to audio, this obviously included the effects. so then I ended up double sweeping them, 'cos some tracks still weren’t exported. So, I set up the chained group track or 2nd stereo out to get around this problem. sorry, still not explaining myself very well. It just seemed to suit my method of working and I’m trying the same idea with my current track (hopefully to upload next week).
Anyway, this is getting in the way of Kevins post, but the main thing I wanted to express was that Kevin’s tracks are always very quiet. Sorry for the confusion, but we all have different working methods and this seems to be suiting me at the moment.

This conversation is totally losing me…gotta go for a rest in my floatation tank… :sunglasses: :laughing: :laughing:

Move over - I’ll join you :slight_smile:

ok pretend i never aksed :confused: . move over. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely balance and quality to the mix over 200Hz but for the most part completely lacks bottom end and therefore warmth. Perfectly good song but the lack of bass made it sound like I was listening on a 1970s transistor radio.