Easy preset question.

Hi folks,

Do any of you know a way to add presets to the dropdown as shown here? If I save a preset I know I can click Load Preset… and go through MediaBay (ugh) but I’d rather just have it pop up with all of its brothers and sisters in that dropdown. Preferably with all the appropriate subfolders.
Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.44.07 AM.jpg
Any thoughts?

thanks in advance!

You can’t save presets in that menu from within current versions of Cubase… it’s an older VST2 plug-in way of handling presets. In current versions of the program you are obliged to use the new way of handling presets using the Media Bay style menus.

However, you might be able to load/save presets using the plug-in’s own load/save functions if it has them.

Support for saving vst2 presets was dropped in Cubase 4.

Although it appears neat from the plugin gui it was a mess of xml files for each preset that could be hard to keep track of and with no filters or search it was unwieldy for anything more than a handful of presets

I can see Steinberg eventually doing away with the vst2 dropdown altogether…A quick access favourites list might be an alternative or just give us direct access to the vst3 list rather than needing to click twice.

Welp, that’s disappointing but thanks for the info regardless, guys. Guess I’ll just use the MediaBay method.