Easy Quantizing

is there an easier way to select from your saved presets when editing midi than just having to click on them every-time you want to move it. coz its just a ball ache for work flow when you have to change from inputting one 8th note in then having to click and change to 128th 4 tuplets. every 2 seconds. if there is a way of quick changing the quantizing please let me know. ideally id like a key that could shift it into the 128th 4 tuplet mode every-time i wanted to move it or just to go up or down on the keyboard to select the quantize note lengths.

You can assign keys to do this for you in File->Key Commands/Quantize Category/Set Quantize to …

thank you but how do i get it to one timing from a saved preset. i think it should have the saved presets available to the key command menu it doesnt show up. it would be quicker if i could have one for 8ths and one for my saved 128 4 tuplet.