"Easy record mode" - seeing waveform while recording?

It´s been a while since i´ve been using wavelab. Earlier i did mostly editing/mastering etc, and i really like the concept. Now i´m getting into “voice over” work, and would really like to work in wavelab again.

This is of course possible in wavelab today, but a few thing i miss:

  • Seeing the waveform while recording
  • Some way to start recording without bringing up the record dialog, for faster workflow
  • Some way to “append” to the already started recording, or “overdub”/replace

I thinkt the options to add markers etc are really great in current recording dialog! What i would like is some kind of integrated wave-window with the record dialog “built in”.

This would more easily make it possible to:

  • Start redcording, and see the waveform. I think it is very helpful to have a visual cue while doing this, and this makes it easier and faster to navigate the recorded wave.
  • Stop recording and immediately be in the wave dialog, for faster workflow and without the record dialog being “in the way”, or gone when i need to restart recording.
  • It would also mean that i could stop, listen and then restart my recording in the same file/wave, instead of getting multiple files. Having one file after the recording session would speed up the editing process i m o. More like recording and editing “on the go”.

I know this is not exactly what wavelab is targeted against, but i think it would be a great addition to a great program!
I also know that there is in a way similar functinality in the montage - “record from cursor”, but i find this apporach less intuitive. There also seem to be a bug, where the recording won´t end up in the montage…?


Interesting ideas. In the mean time, you can use the Wavescope meter to see what’s being recorded.

“There also seem to be a bug, where the recording won´t end up in the montage…?”

The work around I found for this bug, is to close the record dialog and re-open it from the track’s ‘record at cursor’, selection, between each take. It’s a pain but at least the file appears in the montage instead of the wave window.

Thank you both for the tips, and thanks PG for a quick answer! :slight_smile:
Nice to hear that you find these ideas interesting! :slight_smile: