Easy switch between audio interfaces in one single project

I would love to see a simple way to switch between different audio interfaces in one and the same project. I am NOT talking about using the interfaces simultanuously!
Today the situation is like this: When we switch the audio interface in a certain project, cubase with a fixed logic reassignes device ports (in and out). This usually does not lead to the port assignments that are welcome/needed. One way to improve the situation is to have a complete preset for audio connections (complete means: input, output, external instruments, external effects, Control Room) that is automatically selected when switching the audio-interface.
I would need this to be allowed to record from Motif XF (with the yamaha Firewire driver) and switch to the RME Driver for other steps in the same project.
The assumption of the current way cubase works is that in one project we use one audio interface (during the whole lifetime of the procect), which is not always valid.
Again: I am NOT talking about simultanuously using multiple interfaces!