Easy template with Title and Subtitle


what is the easiest way to have the ability to add subtitles to flows. I seem to be using them quite often (leaving the Title to the first flow).
Is this possible without manipulating the masterpages?
Or is there a Masterpage-Set with subtitle frames already included?
Thank you for help.

You can “manipulate” you master pages or enter it directly in Engrave mode, for instance under the title (which will appear as {@flowTitle@}). Input the token {@flowsubTitle@} with the different editing you want (size, font, etc) and Dorico will add whatever you input in Subtitle field, in the project info file.
If you are working with multiple flows, and shall repeat the operation a number of times, you will find that manipulating masterpages is the best choice!

If you need them regularly, creating a ‘template project’ with the appropriate master pages might be worthwhile.

It’s very easy to create your own template. For my bundle with 14 piano pieces, I adjusted the standard masterpages. The First page has the Bundle name (projectTitle), the title of the piece (flowTitle), composer and copyright:

The Default page has only the page number:

So now every time I start a new piece (new Flow), the pages look like this (with different music of coure… :slight_smile: )

Thank you Marc, fkretlow and Andre for your suggestions!
I will have to dive into the Masterpages…

ok, I editet my Masterpages for the score and parts to include the {@flowsubTitle@} token.
So far, so good. But when I (in the parts) allow the flows to start on the same page as the previous one ends, it is of no use…
Subtitles have to be attached to the start of flows. How can I achieve this?

There, you encounter a problem we have since day 1, and that will be dealt with in due time. As for now, Dorico does not handle flow titling in an acceptable manner if you allow a flow to begin in a page where there already is another flow…
In this case, it is not yet possible to use tokens, except if you use the new ones (the ones with flow numbers), but this of course is not possible in masterpages. Or use them in masterpages overrides :wink:

Marc wrote: “There, you encounter a problem we have since day 1, and that will be dealt with in due time. As for now, Dorico does not handle flow titling in an acceptable manner if you allow a flow to begin in a page where there already is another flow…”

What about subtitle on a flow that starts on its “own” page (like Flow 1)? I can’t get the subtitle (entered in Project info) to show in the score, either in Write or Engrave mode.


Dear Normberk,

Yes you can ! Just input the right token : {@flowsubtitle@}
I use it very often.

Marc, is this sorted at all yet?
What I’d like is for flows to show their titles automatically.

A good explanation on how to do all of this is in the Discover Dorico April 2017 video by John Barron entitled “Floating Titles, Naming Flows & Working With Ties” particularly around the 26 minute mark. And at the 29 minute mark, John says that some of what he is showing may be more automated sometime in the future.

Dear steveparker,

The possibility to have different flows on the same page with titles is not automated yet, but there are tokens that allow you to use them on the same page now. You can specify which flow number you want to describe. Not perfect yet, but on the right track !

Thanks Marc! If this is automated it will save hours of work on musical theatre parts.
Musicmaven, I’m sure I watched that one, but will find it again. Thank you!

I’ve rewatched the “Floating Titles, Naming Flows & Working With Ties” video.
This is fine for one or two parts, but doing this for a pit orchestra is prohibitive.
Text titles like this are easy to pin to bits of music in Finale, but it has nothing as useful as flows.
Flows combined with automatic titles (and other info!) would be killer.

It is on the development roadmap - that much has been previously said elsewhere on this forum.

IIRC it’ll involve something called a Flow Break which will tell Dorico where to put the relevant “front matter”.

For what it’s worth, I can’t remember the last time I saw a computer typeset part from Weinberger/MTI/Sam French that had numbers (even tags and play outs) starting down the page. Handwritten parts, sure, but not computerised ones - probably because Finale (and Sibelius) can’t do it easily or well.

Also because musical theater makes so many changes during the rehearsal process it is often a disadvantage.

Finale can do it quite easily and automatically. I’ve just scored a 200 cue panto like this.
Where Dorico could save hours is with rearranging and duplicating (linked and unlinked) flows, with header info intact.

Derrek, I have a rigidly enforced workflow for this kind of thing, with a ‘handover date’ to the MD, after which it is up to him to sort changes with a pencil. If required I’ll then get the pencilled stuff back afterwards to produce a final score.