Easy text cues?

Hello, I just finished copying a large orchestra piece and am starting to prepare the parts for the players. Some parts show hundreds bars of rests, so I’d like to input some simple text cues for orientation. Example: in bar 102 “clarinets”, bar 110 “horns” and similar.
First I started to use Shift-X to input those into the parts and making them invisible in the score…
Is there an easy way to utilise Dorico’s cue function to make this work? I don’t want the actual music or a rhythmical cue, just the Instrument name. Thank you for a hint.

You could have a random instrument with no music to use for a cue? And change the name? Just a thought…

This has been requested before, but Dorico doesn’t currently support the creation of purely text-based cues via the built-in cue feature.

I use text cues all the time and find them very helpful to the player. In the score I just use Shift-X text (you can assign a different shortcut to a Text Cue paragraph style if you want), switch to Local, Properties/Hide, alt-click to other staves as needed, switch back to Global.


Thank you Daniel, Daniel and Fred,
I will try the Shift-X method this time, and have to be aware how to deal with local and global preferences.