Easy Tip for rendering Sidechained Bass Through Main Out ?


I would like to set the Bass on Solo and record with the final Stereo Output Effects as a simple Stereo Track - Guess What, I side chained it from the bass drum and the sidechain is not working when the bass is solo of course.

So how could I record this part with a working sidechain ? Setting the Sidechain from the Bass Drum to Pre Fader and re-adjusting the level seems cumbersome, since I would have to do this for each album track. Also when I use L (listen Path) the side chain still works, but I didn´t find a way to record the “listen path”.

Any ideas ?
Thanks, lokotus

You could duplicate your kick track and then route the duplicate to No Bus, so that it cannot be heard. You would also want to disable the sends on the original kick track that are routed to your sidechain inputs. You can then use Solo Defeat on the duplicate kick track so that it sill still play when you solo your bass track.