Easy way of naming events

I want to be able to click on the event (double click or whatever) and name the event

Also colour change for events would be ok

But name the single events is a must

(So on one track you can have differnet events with different names)

This is a pretty easy fix. Click on your event. Then click on the description section (top left corner of your info bar). Type the name of the region.

You can also rename regions from the track name.

Double click on the track name. Rename it. Then before hitting enter to apply the rename, hold down any modifier key like shift of option, then hit enter.

Puff all your regions will be renamed the same as your track name.

Hope that helps.

Ok ill try this thx - I have tried something b4 though and it didnt work, I want each event with a different name

not all named with the same name as the track