easy way of naming flows?

Hello, as a daily Dorico user I still have not found the easiest way to enter a new name into the New Flow field in the bottom Setup Panel.
When I click onto the Flow graphic, it turns its colour from grey to bright blue.
What would be the most efficient way to change its name from ‘Flow 1’ to something meanigful?

  • I can click onto ‘Flow 1’ - nothing happens
  • I can double-click onto ‘Flow 1’ (it will turn white) and just start writing
  • I could double-click onto ‘Flow 1’ (it turns white), I use the right or left arrow key once to get a cursor like in regular text entry

Is there a way to name this bit of the flow without clicking with the mouse?
If I change ‘Flow 1’ in the Project Info Panel, it will not change its name at this place.

I don’t resort to naming in that panel at all - if you don’t touch it and do everything in the Project Info panel (which can be accessed from any mode)then the names will automatically update in Setup mode’s bottom panel.

Note that you can break the link between those two names by double-clicking the bottom panel and typing in there.

I suppose the name down in this panel is useful only for keeping a visual overview down there.
So it does not matter too much, I guess.

As I said, if you don’t touch that panel then when you update the flow title in Project Info the bottom panel will automatically update…

Aha! I had wondered why it behaved unexpectedly sometimes. I was consistently naming the flow in Setup, then wondering why the name wouldn’t update from Project Info…

Leo, I tried this but had quite the opposite experience, the bottom setup flow panel would not update after having changed its title in the Project Info panel…

This is how it looks after having added the info into the Project Info panel:

Could you please checkthis once more with your setup?

I’m not in front of Dorico right now, and I think I may have got this the wrong way round.

See the penultimate paragraph of this help section: https://steinberg.help/dorico/v1/en/dorico/topics/setup_mode/setup_mode_flows_names_titles_r.html?hl=flow%2Ctitles

I can confirm Leo got it backwards. :wink: Delete the info in the Project Info dialog. Then, if you edit in Setup mode, it should relink it.

There seems to be no way to assign a Key Command to edit the Flow Name. But, when you add a Flow, that field will be automatically highlighted so you can edit it on the spot.

Thank you, that’s actually perfect. I just have to remember to let go of the mouse at that very moment.