easy way to control multiple plugin parametres at once?

Hey all!

I’m used to working with a Nordlead 3 which offers a very easy way to set min/max values for each parametre and then control them by another single controller, the modwheel! You can set both min and max values for each parameter individually. Making dynamic sounds and still be able to control all each parametre is a party!

Now, as Bitwig is the new kid in the DAW classroom I am really intrigued by the way Bitwig can modulate/control ANY plugin parametres in an easy but powerful way. This pretty much revolutionize the way sound designers and producers can work to create complex/modulated sounds.

Any ideas on how to achieve this in Cubase?

Or perhaps any way to achieve similar results with any third party VST- or MIDI-plugins?

I really want to route several parametres of one - or multiple plugins - to the modwheel, a BPM-synced LFO or even an envelope! :slight_smile:


:confused: This must surely be something that Steinberg is working on for C8.