Easy way to copy preferences/settings between Macs?

Greetings all!

I am working on a theatre project where I first do all the music and sound design on my studio iMac. The last weeks of production I will move the project onto my MacBook Pro and do the final touches “on-site” together with the cast and crew.

I have done this workflow many times, but now really want to find out if there is an easy way of copying ALL my settings - Nuendo preferences, colour settings, track display settings, key commands, macros, logical editor settings etc. between the two machines. So that the setup on my MacBook actually resembles the one in my studio. On my studio machine I have done SO many personal tweaks compared to the default settings, as you probably all have. :slight_smile:

Recent versions of macOS lets you store program preferences on iCloud - I have never dared to try this, but would this actually sync Nuendo settings between both macs if they are connected to the same iCloud account? Sounds a bit scary, but could also be a life saver?

What’s the easiest way of doing a preferences copying routine like this? :slight_smile:

slaps my own face
I feel silly for not already knowing about this! How long has this feature been in Nuendo? Thank you Steve!! :raised_hands:

You’re welcome.

see How long has this feature profiles been in Nuendo

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