Easy way to dump all unused audio in a project??

Trying to figure out a way to delete all unused audio in a couple of projects.

Do I have to select all of the events on a channel and click “Events to Part”? What if I have multiple channels? It seems kinda tedious :neutral_face:

Lemme know…thanks!!


If you back-up your project (File/back-up project…), just the used audio parts will be stored and the unused ones deleted. :wink:


You can also Delete unused files from the pool.


Deleting from the pool is the way to do it but be careful when doing so because once you delete the files from the pool they are gone. These files do not go to the OS recycle bin. This would not be good if you mistakenly deleted a file that was shared and used by a few other projects. So again, just be sure.

The way I do it is to go to the project>pool and right click on the audio folder and choose “remove unused media”. Then, to ease my angst, I get out of the pool and playback the project to make sure it is still working as expected. If OK, and it always is, then I go back to the pool and right click on the trash folder and click “empty trash”. The files are now GONE. Just so you know, a few have reported that these deleted files are still stored somewhere on your computer. Mine are definitely not. They are GONE.

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In addition to the above suggestions:
Media > Remove Unused Media followed by…
Media > Empty Trash

This will clear out any out-takes or audio that has been deleted from the project, but is still on the drive.

The option just beneath called “Prepare Archive” is dead handy too. It copies files that are in use from anywhere on your system into the current project folder, so that all relevant files are stored correctly and the project can be safely exported or stored.

Thx everyone! Just wondering too…

If I save a project as “Proj A” and then immediately save it again as “Proj A2” and delete the unused media, will the media also be gone from “Proj A” when f I try to reload it? Does the Pool gather the audio for an entire project folder? How do I “backup” that media for future emergencies?

Hope I’m being clear…


Yes. You will delete all of the proj A data also, as long as it resides in the same folder. Including any files you use in proj A but deleted in proj A2.

To get around this you should back up project and use the backup for further work.



That’s the “safe” way I’m used to do it - no troubles with “lost” audio files. :wink: