Easy way to eat midi

Man, am I on a roll here, or what?

Get it… “roll”… :laughing:

Lmao! You certainly are! :laughing:

Good find… :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

double-facepalm! :laughing:

Somebody is too hungry to read! :laughing:
Go get something to eat, Jeff!

Midi means noon in French :wink:

So you eat in the Church at noon eh ? :slight_smile:

Exact translation: The Looking Noon. If that makes any sense. More like, the place to look for to eat at noon :slight_smile:

Yeah? Midi means Musical Instrument Digital Interface in English. :laughing:

Between Maxi and Mini in skirt length too… :laughing:


I don’t care how many one’s and zeroes I eat … I’m always hungry again an hour later.

Just leads to GAS really… :laughing:

Dr. Mortimer Haltings told me you missed your last therapy session. :wink:

I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a Lexicon today… :laughing:

Only if in all caps: MIDI

Right - and how is it spelled in the sign? Huh??? :stuck_out_tongue: