Easy way to edit midi

Hi, new on this forum and a question like a newby :sunglasses: :

I used some cubase a very long time go. I found it very difficult mainly becourse I used it very little and it seemed like I had to find out how it worked over and over again. I just couldn’t understand that some of my friends who used it very much said it was an easy to use program.

Now after 12 years or so I think I’ll give it a try again.

I’m planning to use it only for elementary midi editing. Looking for this kind of use, and looking for the easiest way to do so: what cubase would you advise, or wouldn’t you advise cubase at all but another program.

I tried some open source midi editor (SourceForge MidiEditor) but I found that somewhat too limited.


See if you can get an AI/SE version from someone. These are not for sale but come with a lot of hardware products. They are already quite complete for what you want to do I think. If you run into limitations you can upgrade them with a discount to higher versions.

I would definitely advise Cubase - it is loaded with options, and very deep in the way it is programmed. If you have/had a previous version from years past, do you still have the dongle? If so, you can d/l the trial for vers 7, and see how it works for you. If you run into problems, and need some Qs answered, there are plenty of knowledgeable people on this forum who can help.


YouTube is your friend for training on lots of software, there are thousands of videos up there about DAWs and lots about Cubase, from simple to advanced. Start with the low version or one of the bundled with hardware versions, and if you catch on with that training, then think about upgrading. :sunglasses:


I decided to give it a try and ordered Elements 7 a few minutes ago :smiley: .

Went to some stores today in the hope I could find some usefull hardware, not to expensive, that included some Cubase software. Didn’t find that though. A lot of the included software seems to be by Ableton these days. Besides that I couldn’t find a lot of cheap usefull hardware :sunglasses: .


There are some who will willingly answer questions for you, try the Cubase forum when you get set up.