Easy Way to Export Layout Audio?

I composed a score for full orchestra and choir. I made a piano and choir version for practice purposes. Is there a way to export the audio of this smaller version? Somehow I’m confused with set-up, layout, and export audio screens.

In Setup mode, Layouts panel, drag that layout to the top. Then choose Export—Audio.

Dorico will export the audio of the topmost score layout in the list.

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Much thanks!

I can’t seem to move the layout without selecting all the layouts above the one I need on the top. I did it once and the program crashed while extracting the audio. Now what do I try?

I figured it out! Not layout options, layout panel. Thanks again.

No I didn’t figure it out yet. I keep getting the full score audio, not my piano/vocal layout. It is at the top of the layouts list. When I hit play, I have the wrong audio. Is this a naming issue? I made a new folder and saved it to my desktop with the same result. Is it a cache problem with the music app on my Mac?

It has to be a score layout, not a part layout.

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  1. What kind of layout is your piano/vocal? Full score, part, or custom score? If, in the right panel of Setup mode, it has a music stand icon, it’s a part. If it has a conductor icon, it’s a full score. If it has a sheet music icon, it’s a custom layout.

Dorico only exports audio from Full Score layouts.

  1. iTunes/Apple Music copies imported music into its own folder, by default. If you’re depending on that application, check with a different media player or make sure you rename the file.

Can I convert it to a full score? Would I need to export it first?

Just add a new full score layout and assign the same players (piano and voices) to it, then drag that one up the list.

You can create a new full score (in addition to those you already have) and add to it just those flows and instruments you wish to hear. Since this added layout is for audio export only, you do not even have to worry how it looks.

(Ninja’d again! :rofl:)

It worked! This will make preparation for the concert so much easier. I am thrilled to announce, it will be performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC next summer: full orchestra and choir of 300+. I am crediting Dorico for its wonderful software, egging me on to complete the work.

Congratulations on your forthcoming premiere!

Thank you! I may have a local performance beforehand. Still, I am excited to share my work with my (former) hometown audience.