Easy way to play only Drums in Drum Loops

When you click a Loop in Groove Agent you will hear all sort of stuff aside of drums. There might be piano, bass, effect sound, Male Voice ext. I’m not into that. I only wanted Drums. I think this is seriously slowing down my Flow to check new drums on top of my songs.


  1. right click…delete/clear pad with piano, bass, effect sound or male voice in GA …
  2. or just mute the pad

Sorry but I don’t get it. Can’t find any delete/clear with right click. Not in Loop or Kit.

I think there should be a global setting for all loops to hear only drums.

Can you Mute what you don’t want to hear in the GA Mixer tab?

Thanks. That’s more close. Must remember to use Solo because even muting all you will hear something?!

Synth Pad in this case.

Lots of trouble to check out fast different Drum Loops. Maybe GA isn’t for me.

Another approach when auditioning loops is just to ignore the instruments you aren’t interested in while checking it out. Then if you decide to use the loop mute the associated Pad(s).