Easy way to quickly quantize parts to other parts?

I’m wondering if I have missed something - if there is an easy way to take one part and use that as a groove to quantize another part that is on the same time line. For example say I have a violin ostinato part, and I like the way it was played, and I want to iteratively quantize a cello ostinato part to it to say 95% of the original to line them up but not exactly, but I don’t want to have to go and make a quantize groove from the edit menu. Is that possible?

Your question is a little confusing to me. As best I can tell, from your description, Groove Quantize is exactly what you are looking for, yet you say you don’t want to use it. I have never used it, so can’t speak intelligently about it. The manual says the groove can be created from another MIDI part. You just have to drag the “template” MIDI part onto the quantize panel. Then, you can use the Position and Randomize settings to keep them from overlapping exactly. Is there something about it that defeats your purpose? Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other tool.

With the groove menu it’s ok but you have to create a new groove for each section. It can get cumbersome with large projects. For example, I might have a groove for the first section based on a solo cello ostinato, I don’t want to use that same section as a groove for all the other similar sections, I’ll re-record those. So then I have to name the grooves: cello 1 sec 1 / sec 2 etc.Especially when working with strings, I don’t like to use scripts, kills the vibe, makes it sound cookie cutter, even humanise features it’s a computer or someone elses groove - not your music if that makes sense (not to me anyway). If you get one groove down really good, but you have to record all these other sections to match, It’s easier if you get it as close as you can, then you can edge it closer to the core groove that you want all the other sections to follow - if you see what I mean.

I guess what I am thinking of is it would be cool to have a key command, so you click one part, hold a key, click the second part and it automatically applies groove quantise using the first part as the source, to a specified percentage of correction.

If it’s not there - it should be! (unless I’m the only person in the world who works this way…)

Aloha m,

Cubase did have a very very easy function for that several versions back.
I’m not sure when it went away and it may have been only for MIDI events.

All you did (in the ‘Arrange Page’ as it was called then)
was to hold down ‘Q’ on the keyboard while dragging one part
onto a second part.
The 2nd part would then adopt the quantize 'groove of the first part.

As jaslan posted, it can still be done but IMHO
it is not as easy as it used to be.

Perhaps someone will chime in with a real simple
step-by-step way to do this in C6.