Easy way to replace audio file in project with new mix/version?

Basically I am mastering an album and have all the mixes assembled in sequence. AFter making some changes to mix and exporting new files of same length, I was wondering if there’s an easy way to somehow select the old wav file in project and easily replace with new version so it’s in exactly same position, etc. Tried googling but wasn’t able to find answer.

Working in Cubase 6.5. Let me know if any clarification is needed.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


The only way is to replace the old files with the new one. So you need the exactly same path, exactly same file names.

I think what Martin is saying is working in windows explorer you could delete the old file and place the new file there, so cubase would grab the new file when it goes to load the project.

You might try bringing in the new file to a different track then highlight and copy it then highlight the old event and paste the new one in its place.

The old one would still be in the pool though if you want to go delete it or save it.

Just a thought

Exactly… Thanks for clarification.

It will work the same way on macOS in Finder.

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