Easy Way to See what is routed to a Specific Bus

Hey all,

The Short of It:

Is there a quick way to see what tracks are routed to a specific bus/output without having to open up the full mixer and look at all the tracks. Possibly a way to select a bus/output and see everything routed to it?

The Long of It:

There is probably a simple answer to this question, but I can’t, for the life of me figure i out. I have 50+ tracks and Route them all to group tracks before sending those groups to an “all music” track (which is lowered a few db) which then all goes to the stereo out. However, every once in a while I create a new VSTi and it routes to stereo and because I’m writing and not mixing, I forget to route it, then when I play back a while later and effect the whole music track (before the stereo out), I notice that something is playing out the stereo bus. Then I have to search for the offender. Right now, I open the mixer and have to scan all the tracks and their routing. Is there an easier way? Say to select a bus and see what instruments are routed directly to it? That way, I can select the stereo out and see the offender right quick.



Open the Channel (for example a Group) in the Channel Settings window. In the upper tool bar (the 2nd button from left), there is “X Sources” (for example “2 Sources”). Click to the close arrow left, here, you can see all Inputs. Unfortunately, there is only one level, so if you route the Group to another Group, you cannot see it.

That’s Wonderful. Thank you Very Much!