Easy way to select all automation points under an event?

Is there any way to select all automation points under the event that they correspond to, using a KC or macro?

Martin talks about selecting all events in loop on the selected track in this thread:

But I really want to avoid using the Visibility functionality for this. I have a large template (high track count) and changing Visibility for such a simple task would slow it down too much.

Any ideas?

Have you checked out the Project Logical Editor for this? You can use it as a filter when making selections.

You’ll need something like
top pane:
Media Type = Automation
Position = Inside Cycle
bottom pane:

Thanks, Steve. I actually found a solution to this using your suggestion in this thread:

Set locators to event, then select all events on the selected (automation) track and then run the PLE to limit that selection to the cycle range.

I kind of expected the PLE to have a position condition ‘Inside Cycle on Selected Track’. Or better still, a KC ‘Select in Loop on Selected Track’.