Easy way to switch Audio Interface in ONE Project?

Hi all,

I have the following setup: An RME Raydat interface is in place. Plus there is my Motif XF8 which has a firewire board and is connected to the PC via normal audio (via the RME Raydat) and alternatively via Firewire.


Is there an easy way to switch the audio interface in one project so that I can e.g. record multiple tracks from the XF via Firewire (and the Yamaha Firewire Driver) and switch to the Raydat for other recording purposes in the same project?

I tried a couple of things - but cubase so far always replaces the audio-connections “intelligently” from one interface to the other, which I DONT want. The program setting not to connect when loading “external” projects does not help - since I do not load any project . I simply want to switch interfaces that should persistently use their assigned audio-connections. So no impact on routing of input or ouput busses is needed or even welcome.

Any ideas?

Thx, Ernst


Would Preset in the Audio Connections > Inputs help in this case?

Thank you martin,
well… to a degree maybe - but I think the automatic “reassignemnt” spoils the audio connections/busses and the routing - one cannot switch to and fro… and the control room and the other connections have SEPARATE presets… unfortunately there is no general preset for all audio connections - or am I missing something?



You are right, there is no general preset for all Audio Connections. You could try to use 2 different Profiles and switch them. But that would mean to restart always Cubase.

You could also think of using ASIO4ALL, where you could “glue” both Audio Devices as one ASIO device and use both, if this would fit your scenario.

But, why don’t use RME as an Audio Device for the whole time and connect Motif to it (probably with digital output to don’t loose quality)? This wouldn’t work?

MArtin, thank you :slight_smile:

I will not use Asio4all - the yamaha driver and the rme drivers are top quality, which I do not want to lose.

In certain cenarios I do use the RME solely also for connecting the XF . The limitation of this scenario is the number of available audio channels, namely just a digital stereo connection - with the yamaha fw-driver there are 16 Channels available simultanuously which fits perfectly to the internal structure of the XF in Song mode (and using its internal song/pattern sequencer).

Thx, Ernst


I totally agree and support you with this decision.

Thank you, Martin - you are the helping starlight in this forum!

I think I will try to live either with switching audio connection-presets or work with separate projects and transfer tracks between them. I think this is not too complicated.


Try the free Voicemeeter (https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/). The basic version is sufficient. It most likely can solve your problem, but is difficult to set up. I use Voicemeeter to “merge” the Yamaha ASIO driver (UR22) with the Rode NT-USB mic ASIO driver and can record all that at the same time into Cubase, without noticeable loss of latency, if any.

Voicemeeter is really a pain to set up, it’s hard to grasp the concept, but it can very efficiently merge different ASIO driver / hardware inputs into one virtual device (Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO driver), which you then use in Cubase. Works way better than ASIO4ALL.

This would be really nice to be able to do. The way I do it now is whenever I switch between my interfaces, I have to close the project, then switch the interface and assign the audio connections preset. In this way I don’t have to manually reassign the input busses for each track.